Open Source Server

Windows Server is an expensive option which may mean many small businesses have to operate without managed network servers. Open source alternatives are available that can rival Windows which require much less hardware resources and are FREE.

With a growing variety of Linux distros available both commercial and open source, it is not easy to know which to go with. Your IT support provider should be able to listen to your business needs and recommend the best option based on the application requirements of your business.

Cloud based solutions are often a means of getting more regular recurring revenue from end users while avoiding the difficulty in getting businesses to upgrade to the latest versions and to adopt vender solutions on their terms.

Taking all server resources out of a business is rarely a good idea and more likely to cause more different problems than getting the most out of virtualisation and introducing your own cloud solutions in house. If you are considering such a move or are already experiencing performance problems from moving onto the cloud or are paying more than you expected for cloud services and support then why not get in touch and see what options are available. We can arrange a demonstration of any of our open source solutions.

  • Open Source FREE solutions are just as good as commercial software
  • Open source change more regularly so professional support is required but most businesses are paying for this already anyway
  • Administration is more complex but outsourced support should be to this standard.
  • Commercial products are often built on the same open source software.
  • Most IT Support companies pass on these costs through hardware solutions to reduce complexity for their own benefits.

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