VOIP Phone Server

Asterisk is software; similar, if not what runs on most phone systems, allowing connected telephones to make calls to one another and to other telephone services over both standard public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines and the Internet using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

Asterisk is available as an open source FREE solution and as a GNU General Public License (GPL) to be modified and sold as a commercial solution.
With an on premise server and using virtualisation, it costs nothing to create a VOIP Phone Server built on Asterisk and with SIP trunking and fast broadband, voice call pricing can be slashed. We can provide both the Asterisk installation, configuration and support within our standard support services and can provide low cost call options using our own voice packages.

  • Asterisk is an open source FREE solution
  • Many commercial products are basically custom configurations of Asterisk sold on custom hardware
  • Asterisk is a fully featured telephone private branch exchange (PBX) Solution
  • Administration is more complex but outsourced support should be to this standard.
  • We provide Asterisk solutions and cheap call plan packages so no third party required
  • VOIP telephony is only available over an Internet connection and relies on good connectivity at all times
  • We can provide dedicated private broadband services direct to our phone exchange guaranteeing quality of service

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